Licensed to Speed

New dedicated high-speed road suggested in the UAE

In spite of countless empirical studies over the years finding that speed kills and regardless of most other countries having put a maximum speed limit for road traffic, the head of Dubai Traffic Police has suggested making a specially dedicated road in the UAE for cars that want to drive at 200kph.
The force said the luxury highway is just an idea at this stage but a study would be conducted to see how viable it is. The road would be between Abu Dhabi and Fujairah and only those wanting to drive at high-speed could use it. General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen said: “The idea can become a true reality. Maybe we need a road for motorists with powerful cars who want to drive 200kph. It would also be good for people who drive on a daily basis between UAE cities.” - he was quoted as having said to 7Days.
He added: “There are studies saying that high speeds can’t make accidents unless there are other factors. Accidents can happen when a car driving with 140kph and then surprised with a car in front of it with 60kph.”
Al Zafeen’s suggestion came during the launch of the second year of the white points system which rewards drivers who have not committed any traffic offenses during the year for their good behaviour.
He said that the highway would need certain specifications and four lanes in two directions.
The speed-savvy Police General was also the driving force behind the recent acquisition by Dubai Police of a number of Lamborghinis and Ferraris to join the force's fleet of patrol cars for high-speed pursuit purposes.

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