UAE National Day - Car Celebrations

Every year on 2nd December it's UAE National Day to commemorate the date of the signing of the union between 6 of the 7 Emirates (Ras Al Khaimah joined a bit later). It's a public holiday and it is marked in different ways, i.e. by fireworks, posters and decorations throughout the emirates and laser-light displays on prominent landmark buildings. It's all very nice.
In the month prior to the occasion, the supermarkets, car dealers and petrol stations are full of UAE-branded merchandise to dress up one's vehicle for the event. That seems to be what most locals and some expats really do on their own: pimp their ride Emirati style. 
For a nation that has come such a long way since it was founded only 42 years ago, it seems that it is the car that best symbolises the wealth and prosperity of the Emirates. Some would even say that the UAE went from camel to Cadilac in 25 years, so perhaps it is indeed very appropriate that patriotic affection for one's country be shown through the appearance of one's means of transport. One thing is certain: cars mean the world to most people in the emirates. 

Some people and companies do it modestly: a flag mounted on a pick-up or a poster in the rear window. Others go the full monty and spend thousands of Dirhams doing their car up with everything from complete body wraps to posters of Emirs and Crown Princes to really show their love for the ruling royals.
So elaborate are some of these festive decorations that Dubai Police has found it necessary to issue a Decree to ascertain that road safety is not jeopardized too much by the bling.

Congratulations UAE on this 42nd anniversary of the union - and have fun with the celebrations. Just be careful, please.

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