New Dubai rent dispute centre open

If you are having a dispute with your Landlord in Dubai over the size of your rent there may be new hope for you.

From this week, things should be easier, authorities have promised, as a new forum to resolve disputes about rent commences operations.
The Dubai Land Department (DLD) on Saturday confirmed its new Rental Disputes Settlement Centre is to begin operations on Sunday, operating out of the department’s headquarters.

The centre will handle all disputes arising between leaseholders and tenants located in the emirate, including its free zones, a DLD statement said. Either side of a dispute can file a claim at the centre and request temporary judgment or interim relief. However, the rulings of the DLD can be tested in court.

Sultan Butti bin Mejren, director general of DLD, said the centre “will allow us to address disputes occurring from real estate issues in a timely and professional manner consistent with the department’s highest standards”.– bin Meiren said to 7Days.
The Rental Disputes Settlement Centre will aim at providing transparent resolution services that have been designed to help all parties to work and live in Dubai in an environment governed by clear rules, according to bin Meiren.

An experienced Dubai Court judge will chair the centre and parties will be able to appeal decisions made by the centre.

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