I will try

I will not be reciting Shakespeare every morning when you open your eyes next to me.
I will not always treat you as an English rose should be treated
(I am not a gardener)
I will not always be there to wipe the tears from off your face when you cry.
I will sometimes seem foreign to you and you to me
I will not always remember everything we discussed
I will not always know what to say or how to phrase it
I will never adore your cat
I will not always agree with your mindset or your thinking
I will not always get what you are saying
I will promise you neither the moon nor the stars
I will not always be on time
I will not always be near you
I will sometimes screw-up

But I will write you something when you least expect it
But I will respect your thorns and cherish them
But I will hold you as tightly as I can whenever I am near throughout the night
But I will embrace the difference and bridge our chasm with love
But I will excuse myself as soon as I remember.
But I will surely say something even if my words don’t translate
But I will always be good to him
But I will make an effort to understand your point of view
But I will ask you to make sure I got it right
But I will carry you barefooted through the desert if need be
But I will be there as soon as I can
But I will be there for you
But I will try my best


Trish Dubai said...

Awwwww! Lucky girl.

El Cid Vacations said...

awww the sweetest thing!


Wow,she is really a lucky girl.

Ada said...

Hahaha... this is so lovely and eandering. And it kind of reminds me of "love me for love's sake" kind of poetry

Julianne said...

Very nice romantic poetry, loved it!

vagobond said...

Awesome lines!! Very inspirational as well. Very nice to read it. Let me know if you would like to do a guest post at vagobond.com - my readers would be just so delighted! Great work. I wish you all the luck in the world. http://www.vagobond.com

Jakob said...

I love it!

Olivia said...

I wish I was that lucky girl!

Christy said...

Hey nice... really nice reading it

after work said...

very beautiful poem - lucky girl and continue to try !

john said...

face of dubai is changing everyday.it is emerging as one of the biggest city in the world.so i recommend dubai as city of joy

Roch said...

Well said. Truly romantic

kkgoh said...

Beautiful poem

rick said...

love it, beautiful poem

Martin said...

I will try my best - thats important.

Looey said...

One of the best pieces I have come across...subtle emotions expressed very well.

Nonoy of Cebu said...

Beautiful poem. I like your touching words. Moving.:-)

Neelam Tina said...

Great poetry. I wish good luck with your poems. You have the skills. Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

What a truly amazing piece. Clearly, you love the woman. Truly beautiful. Hope she appreciates it!
All the best