Epitaph for Dubai

Waves of hope from a sea of drowned promises
What did you do to the kid with the 3D glasses?
A beautiful pixelated world
Does your art rhyme with pop chart?
This one’s for Smithy
The spice must flow
Peace, Love, Paroxetine
Will work for Oxytocic
The invisible war on your mind
No scene
Next box

We are nearly Gods
We all search
I’m so plain
Modernity is melting
Mutation is bored
Rumours can grow black leather wigs
You thought you saw God, but they assured you they were only clouds
The big, big white out

What happens after the singularity?
You did this, when you conjured up despair
The sky is collapsing, but the device is in your hands
You, you, you (& your empire)
The villain within
Nostalgia saved the cat
Puppets replace puppets
When the truth is known, cities will burn
Hate breeds hate

The world has gone from blue & green to black & yellow
Will we dream during the process?
Quarantine that dream
Plastic dreams and primal screams
We salute the suit
Be who you are, don’t fool yourself
The ghost finally broke out of its shell
Only to find itself in another automated hell
Toto, I don’t think we’re in Festival City anymore
Nowhere near a damn rainbow
Pandora’s box stinks

Time has strange properties
A glance can take an eon to decipher
Today just might last forever
You said it would last forever
It’s mute out here
Empathy erodes
Your force field thickens
Prostrated & abluted
Mind's still tawted & polluted

Love is an untameable beast
She finally bowed down to the mannequin
She kissed his lips knowing
The birds are falling
I love you, but not your hologram
It’s lunacy, this love
And that, my dear, is the story of how love turned back into hate

Welcome to the soulless city
Far North of Hyperborea
All roads lead to Sirius,
All these stars exploding inside
All these lights and nothing to display
Liquid display – disarray
The Karma Police are on the take
Self-righteous machines all quietly watching over us
Ripley… there’s a commotion in the colony
All humanoids report to Facebook immediately!

Don’t panic, my brain is organic
Smile, you are disintegrating
Serendipity crashed
Magic gave birth to the code
And then there was plight
It’s always the perishing moments that never seem to last
Rats race with more civility
Wired to everything, feeling nothing
Pull the cord - I’ve seen enough
I am nowhere - I am home
Lift me up, Moby
The end of…


Spin & Turn
Loose & Earn
Rise & Shine
Fall & Find



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