Hello again!

I'm back!
As a blogger, as an observer to life as it evolves in Dubai, as a misplaced Dane still hanging in here in the slightly scruffier but still glamorous oasis that surrounds us. For various reasons, I have decided that from now on, I will tell my story in English - not least to the benefit of those less fortunate amongst us who never got around to learn to speak or understand Danish. There is hope for those few as well.
I will start my return to the blogging universe by describing life as it looks from here these days and from behind my eyes. So much has changed. So many people and good friends left Dubai. Sometimes, it seems like a completely new life here. New friends, new people, new circumstances. Loads of new challenges. Everything seems very different from when I first came to this Country of Contrasts.
I have missed blogging so, so much and I cannot wait to once again let you know about this peculiar sandpit of ours and the people who have chosen to live their lives here where the sun always shines.

I shall be back shortly!

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Deborah said...

So nice to have you back. Have been hoping you would come back. Please come visit me too.